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Guided Kailua Kitesurf Adventure

6 Hour - 1 person Private Lesson Package Non-member $499
3 Hour - 1 person Private Lesson Non-member $299
1.5 Hour - 1 person Private Lesson Non-member $199
3 Hour - Group Lesson Non-member $480
1.5 Hour - Group Lesson Non-member $280

Learn Kitesurfing in Kailua, Hawaii

Book online in advance to get a $20 discount!*

Learn the fun water sport of kiteboarding! We began teaching kiteboarding at Kailua Beach 20 years ago, and we remain the only school to continue providing expert knowledge and safety required by our certified school and insurance.

Our lifeguard, CPR, and first aid certified instructors are the most highly trained. Combined with our quality name brand kites like Cabrinha, Slingshot, and Liquid force, they are sure to make this an exciting and effective lesson.

Helmets and lifejackets are required by insurance standards.

*Online bookings must be 24 hours in advance to receive discount.