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Go Kayak Kailua Beach

Single Kayak - Full Day Rental Non-Member $59
Single Kayak - 1 Week Rental Non-Member $135
Double Kayak - Full Day Rental Non-Member $69
Double Kayak - 1 Week Rental Non-Member $179
Roof Rack Rental

Cruise Through Kailua Beach on a Kayak Rental

Book online in advance to get a discount!*

Pick up a kayak rental and explore the waters of Kailua Beach! This is a fun family activity and a great way to leisurely paddle the waters and explore the ecosystem.

We always insist that you don’t disturb any birds and all marine life and leave no trace behind if landing on a sanctuary island. Another thrill on a kayak could be riding some small waves near Flat Island while practicing surfer etiquette and right of way rules.

Kayaks can be picked up at our shop after 9:00 a.m. and must be returned by 4:30 p.m. You need a vehicle to transport equipment and may need to rent roof racks if necessary.

PWH is the only kayaking non-profit organization that allows locals and visitors to go kayaking safely and affordably with friends to have some fun. We specialize in quality rentals and tours for families and small groups, conserving the use of our natural resources seven days a week, instead of quantity like our competitors.

All prices include life-vests, paddles, backrest seats, and dry bag.

*Online bookings must be 24 hours in advance to receive your discount.