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Watersports at Kailua Beach

Kayak, Windsurf, Efoil, Kite, Surf & SUP Ocean Adventures

Mahalo for supporting our mission of teaching ocean safety skills & techniques of Hawaiian watersports. Our free keiki clinics are educational family programs that help prevent drowning, while our gear sharing opportunities provide for all ages & abilities to participate in building a waterman skill set. We ensure future generations use our ocean safety guidelines, promote stewardship & conservation to blend into a sustainable community as we continue 33 years of instruction on Kailua beach.

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Popular Activities

We specialize in surfing local surf breaks close to Diamond Head and away from the crowds in Waikiki. Our surf lessons emphasize safety, water conditions, and the art of catching waves.

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Core Values

Ocean Safety

Protecting yourself before, during and after your time with the Ocean is imperative for continued enjoyment of all she has to offer.  From reef safe sunscreen, to hydration, to knowing how to escape from a rip current – education is key.  Know before you go and “WHEN IN DOUBT – DON’T GO OUT”!


We all need to do our part to keep the Ocean healthy.  Cleaning up trash and microplastics while you are at the beach is just the beginning.  True conservation starts at home.  Use less plastic and more eco friendly items, eat sustainable, and save water are all ways you can make a difference for the environment.


Take what you learn and share it! Word of mouth is the most powerful tool we have. Encourage others to see the need our oceans have for our help. You can make a world of difference! We share our knowledge and passion thru classroom presentations and community outreach, to encourage the next generation of keiki to sustain for the continued care of our oceans.

Dive Into Our Five-Star Reviews

So Much Fun

The price for rentals can't be beat! For a very minimal fee, they supply you with the necessary supplies to transport your kayaks (the location is not right at the beach). They were super friendly and accommodating.

– Jackie N. on TripAdvisor
The Best!

We took a windsurfing lesson with Inia as a weekend treat. None of us had been before. Inia thoroughly explained the equipment and the basics before taking us out in the water. Her enthusiasm, knowledge, and especially patience were fantastic! Eventually, we were all able to get up and ride. We appreciated Inia's help and guidance. Very reasonable prices, gorgeous location, and very helpful staff. I would go again in a heartbeat!

– Carrie B. on TripAdvisor

I have done a couple of lessons with their instructors. Excellent teaching skills with a focus on safety. Fun guys to learn from. Everyone in the shop was very friendly and knowledgeable. Thank you and aloha!

– IslandStyleParasail on TripAdvisor
Highly Recommend

I have wanted to go windsurfing for years and decided I would take the opportunity of having a lesson while in Hawaii. I'm so glad I did! I'm not very athletic and have no water sport experience. Much to my surprise, I loved it! The instructor was absolutely fantastic...patient and fun! I managed to stay up a couple of times and got a feel for it. Hope to pursue this sport further. Great customer service all round and I definitely recommend them!

– Laina D. on TripAdvisor
Leaves You Wanting More

My instructor was patient, positive, and had great teaching skills. Very informative on the proper way to be an asset to the beach and ocean and not a detriment. What's really amazing is that they are more concerned with instilling respect for the ocean than the money. My only regret is not finding them until my last day, so I'm flying back in a couple of weeks for one reason.. to continue kite lessons with Josh!

– Mlr0bb0 on TripAdvisor